Ebo S: Enabot Robot (Standard)

Ebo S: Enabot Robot (Standard)

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”We created Ebo because our pets are our family members, and we want to make sure they get the best care even when we’re not around. The core of our business revolves around three main values: Love, Companionship, and Sharing.“

Designed to keep cats company
Remote control | Two-way audio | Real-time Monitor

Wherever you are, simply use your phone to play with your cat, talk to it, and monitor or record its health. Never miss any moment with your cat.

A fun, healthy, and safe full-time friend
Time Scheduling | Autonomous Movements | Self-Return to Charging Dock

Catpal Ebo-S is able to provide a creative exercise routine to help your cat maintain the ideal weight.
When Ebo is running low on power, it will return to its dock and begin charging. Once you take Ebo out of the box, you’ll never have to lift a finger again.

Your cat’s personal photographer
1080p HD camera | Capture | Record

Ebo is equipped with a 1080p HD camera. Take photos, video or play with your cat via live stream.
With Ebo, you’ll be able to perfectly capture every moment. Create quirky and memorable content of your cat and share them with your friends.

It’s a pretty complete pet companion package
Appearance can be changed | Cat-proof structured

Ebo, Reddot Winner 2020, is smartest, life-like companion for your pet.
It’s mobile, whizzing around on a pair of self-righting wheels, and can entertain your pet under its own steam using a combination of lights, sounds, different outfits and a feather on its head.