Food as Medicine Challenge Kit

Food as Medicine Challenge Kit

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Take the Food as Medicine Challenge to Support Your Pet's Health...

In This Challenge, Dr. Gary Reveals How To Heal, Support, Build, and Repair Your Pet’s Body Using Food & Nutrition As Medicine!

I’m Dr. Gary Richter. I’m an award-winning veterinarian, best-selling author, and fellow pet parent. I’ve treated thousands of pets in my 20+ years as a veterinarian, and one of the biggest discoveries I’ve made in my career (also one that excites me most) is utilizing whole-food nutrition, nutritional supplementation, and herbal therapy to prevent and cure disease in pets.

In the World of Medicine, There is Often More Than One Way to Get
From Point A to Point B

For example, a pet with allergies can often be relieved of their itching symptoms through the use of steroids (pharmaceuticals like prednisone are often prescribed). However, another solution is through dietary changes and natural anti-inflammatory supplements such as essential fatty acids. Both solutions are effective at relieving symptoms, but long-term use of steroids can have profound negative effects on our pet’s bodies (including liver damage), whereas natural anti-inflammatory supplements do not.

Short Term Benefits Usually Equal Long Term Consequences

Natural medicine like herbs, food, and optimal nutrition focuses on the long-term view of our pets.

Don’t get me wrong… there are times when instant relief is needed and short-term conventional therapy is required. The point is, it’s time to consider Integrative Care in our approach, so we can utilize the best of both worlds to achieve the greatest result while minimizing negative side effects.

There are so many examples of nutritional supplementation improving the quality of life for pets. Using food as medicine can change the way a body reacts to its environment. 

In so many cases, nutritional supplements can improve or resolve medical conditions that pets have suffered from for months, or even years. For example, severe arthritis is a debilitating disease that significantly affects a pet’s quality of life. 

It’s not uncommon in veterinary medicine to euthanize pets because of immense pain and inability to move. Pets with arthritis often benefit from glucosamine and chondroitin to support their damaged cartilage. Boswellia, Turmeric, and Fish Oil are often used to help control inflammation and pain for arthritis.

Combining these nutritional supplements and herbs together often decreases a pet’s need for prescription and pain medication, thus avoiding long-term negative side effects. Pretty amazing isn’t it? 

So at this point, you might be asking yourself… 

What Whole Food and Nutritional Supplements Could My Pet Benefit From?

The key to safe, successful therapy is to first know how specific supplements and herbs work. So if you are ready to learn, I’d love to teach you… 

Discover how to change the way your pet’s body builds and repairs itself by utilizing nutrition, herbs, and food “as medicine”.

What we do as pet parents right now affects not only the length but the quality of your pet’s life.

The time couldn’t be better to discover what you can do to prevent, protect, and restore your pet’s health before it’s too late.

Our pets rely and depend on us to take care of them and make the best decisions possible for their well-being, nutrition, and overall health.

With that, includes having access to all the right information and guidance to make the best decisions for your pet.

It’s up to you to take control of your pet’s health... my exclusive Food as Medicine Challenge Kit will shorten your learning curve when it comes to learning how to use food & nutrition as medicine to help heal, support, build (and in many cases repair) your pet's body.